The Bosu is a truly unique core stability and proprioception training tool, integrating Pilates and fitness movements into an outstandingly effective workout, designed to get you results super-fast.

Why Caroline Lovett is using the Bosu in her Pilates classes; “I find it helps clients recruit more muscle activation than conventional exercises and elevates the normal Pilates routine to another level” … “try it to see how you can raise the standard on how hard you can work your Pilates muscles and more … Bosu takes your training to the core … teaches balance and alignment whatever format your workout, fitness/ cardio/ Pilates/ stretch/ strength.”

Lovett Pilates
Lovett Pilates

The Bosu Balance Trainer

Bosu balance training

Challenges both your mind and your body to participate in order to sustain correct posture and balance. Training on the Bosu requires you to maintain your centre of gravity over a dynamic and ever changing surface that is created by the air filled dome beneath you

Extra Benefits of Bosu

  • enhanced co-ordination
  • improved neuromuscular function
  • perfect for rehab as it enhances functional everyday movements
  • can significantly improve sports specific movements
  • trains the bodies sensory feedback system = improved efficiency of movement develops balance & stability
  • helps eliminate neuromuscular imbalances & improve every day function
  • improves body awareness & positioning

Balance training on a Bosu whether in a cardio or Pilates format demands an integrated response from both the body and mind … mindful training = total body functional fitness : the ultimate goal of every Body.