What is Pilates?

Pilates improves mental and physical wellbeing, increases flexibility and strengthens weaker muscles.

Pilates uses controlled movements in the form of mat exercises or equipment to tone and strengthen the body. For decades now, it has been the exercise of choice for dancers and gymnasts (and now Hollywood actors), but it was originally developed by Joseph H Pilates to rehabilitate bedridden or immobile patients during the War.

What will it do for me?

  • flat, defined & toned abs
  • tighten the waist
  • realign poor posture
  • develop lean toned symmetrical muscles
  • stronger back
  • reduce & alleviate back pain
  • alleviate joint pain
  • increased flexibility & strength
  • improve balance
  • improve muscle awareness
  • lower blood pressure & stress

Pilates is system of exercise that builds flexibility, strength, endurance and co-ordination without adding muscle Bulk. Making it the perfect form of exercise for those who tone without size. Pilates helps to sculpt the body and strengthen the body powerhouse (back waist stomach area) or core.

Those who regularly practice Pilates report having better posture, being less prone to injury and experience better overall health.

Pilates is often recommended for MS sufferers, osteoarthritis, RSI sufferers, joint replacements, heart problems

What I do :-

  • Teach Pilates In small mat work classes to a max of 14 people – see timetable
  • Teach Pilates (and fitness) one to one or in small groups max 4 – contact for consultation & bookings
  • Teach Pilates Equipment Workouts at home (where clients have equipment available ie Cadillac, Reformer etc)

Beginners Pilates

Ideal for those who have never tried Pilates or haven’t exercised for a long time.

The class is a safe, slow introduction to the Pilates method. It will cover all aspects of Pilates including the breathing, how to feel your core working, learning how to hold your back/posture correctly and to perform the exercises with control and good technique. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level and specific exercises are adapted for each participant if needed.

A perfect class for those joining Pilates with back problems or other rehab issues. Small numbers ensure quality teaching, up close with lots of attention to all participants and thorough correction where necessary.

Mat work Pilates- Mixed levels

A challenging intermediate level class for those experienced at Pilates.

This class will generally include plenty of core stability & strength work, as well as articulation (spinal flexibility) and a progressively built upper & lower body workout. Each week the lessons change and we aim to continually build on your strength & fitness. Equipment is used to add variety to the class, and can include, foam roller work, Pilates circle & ball.

All my classes finish with a section of complete progressive mind/body relaxation. Reward for your hard work! Leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

HOG Pilates

Lovett PilatesChallenge Balance and Core, develop Strength with the Pilates Hedgehog.

  • Multi-functional stretcher for core abdominal workouts, crunches, spinal and general stretching exercises.
  • Contoured textured centre cradles the back for optimum comfort during use. Pyramid shaped nodules for deep tissue, trigger point massage.
  • Helps increase movement and flexibility, improve posture, reduce back pain. Simple and easy to use.

Express Pilates – Challenging

This is a condensed fast paced version of my other mat-work classes, only stronger.

It is ideally suited for those with no current back or neck issues as some advanced exercises are involved that may not be suitable for all. It is designed to be a challenge so prepare to work hard and see more rapid results in less time.

Pre /Post Natal Pilates

A specifically designed Pilates Class for those mums to be or newly back to exercise post natally.

Exercises are chosen to strength the pelvic floor, stomach and back first, and the address any postural adaptations that have occurred due to the changes within the woman’s body.

A safe, effective workout for all with a suitable relaxation & stretch component also.

Essentials for Pilates

Essentials for Pilates is a half hour basic class for absolute beginners or refresher class for those returning to Pilates, covering the essential components of how to use Pilates Breathing in class, how to find a ” neutral spine ” and the all important ” cantering ” or how to switch on the core.