About Me

Lovett PilatesA career in the health and fitness industry spanning over 30 years, having begun in the 80’s dance studios teaching everything from Jane Fonda style Aerobics through to Tai chi. I’ve tried them all… With many years experience as a Personal fitness Instructor it was a only a matter of time before my interest in postural correction and injury rehabilitation lead me to the field of Pilates.

Having back pain for the first time in my life after the birth of my first child I began my journey into Pilates. At first I wasn’t convinced of the efficacy of such a gentle form of exercise. After all I was fit and strong I just had post natal backache.

I soon discovered that years of gym and dance studio workouts had allowed me to be strong on the exterior but completely out of balance with my internal muscles.

REPAfter persevering with a few sessions I began to see and feel how Pilates was transforming my previous gym muscles and shape, helping me develop an inner strength and defined shape that I had not ever achieved before. My aim is to always teach a safe and focused Pilates workout that meets your own unique requirements and goals. My mat classes never have more than 14 people so that I can provide a quality and intimate workout.

For relaxation I also paint. You can see my work here.

I believe passionately in the power of Pilates to transform most back pain and improve your overall shape. Whether you try Pilates to cure a back problem, correct a postural fault or simply improve your core, once you’ve felt the benefits, you will definitely incorporate it into everything you do in life. It’s a form of exercise that leaves you feeling more refreshed after than before, allows you to feel mentally calm and physically more in tune with your body.